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Tenacity is not a habit she acquired during her work culture but rather an inherent quality she imbibed since childhood.


Growing up in Singapore, Belynda’s first role model was her grandpa Lee, a timber merchant. Through the gregarious man, she learned the basics of business ethics, customer relations, and quality of service.

Belynda’s key strength lies in her being a people’s representative. Due to her efficacious personality, she is able to bring out the best in her colleagues and teams. Her strategy is to let people put ideas on the table and share that knowledge efficiently.


What She 

Get to Know Her Work

A change and transformation expert is crucial in helping organizations navigate significant transitions. When a company faces major shifts—such as restructuring, going public, or altering processes—internal teams and external stakeholders often experience the strain of change. Without the right approach, these transformations can lead to backlash and resistance.


Change Management 

  • She assists organizations in managing change effectively. She helps companies reinvent themselves by aligning leaders around strategic initiatives, crafting communication plans, and prioritizing complex portfolios of change initiatives.

  • She works closely with the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) and other leaders to drive successful transformations.

  • She aims to ensure that employees earnestly adopt critical transformation initiatives, leading to improved organizational performance and culture.


Behavioral Science and Data-Driven Approaches

  • Change management is driven by data and informed by neuroscience, behavioral economics, and psychology research.

  • She studies and diagnoses human behavior using proprietary tools, measuring employees’ “change energy” (emotions, confidence, and capacity to take on new work during a change).

  • She designs behavioral solutions (such as nudges) to achieve desired outcomes and institutionalize sustainable change within organizations.


Foundational Tools and Approaches

  • She deploys several foundational tools, including the Change Academy.

  • These tools help organizations address challenges related to transformation, program management, and complex business strategies.


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  • Thought Leader of the Year, Middle East and North Africa MENA Stevie Awards


  • COO of the Year, Titan Women in Business Awards

  • Future Leader of the Year, Titan Women in Business Awards

  • Most Innovative YouTube Channel by and for Women *Spotlight with Belynda Lee*

  • Social Change Maker of the Year, Stevie Women in Business

  • Achievement in Women Empowerment, Globee Women World Awards

  • Female Achiever Mentor of the Year, Globee Women World Awards

  • Female Visionary of the Year, Globee Women World Awards

  • Grand Winner, Globee Women World Awards 

  • Woman of the Year, Stevie International Business Award


  • Female Achiever Business Role Model of the Year, Globee Women World Awards

  • Female Executive of the Year, Stevie Women in Business

  • Woman of the Year, Stevie International Business Award

  • BeingShe Award, Influential Woman of Excellence

  • Prodigy Bureau, Champion for Women Empowerment Award


  • Women of Worth WOW Canada, Leader of the Year Award

  • United Global Chinese Women’s Association, Canada, Outstand Chinese Woman Award


  • Texas Women Empowerment Foundation, International Leadership Award

  • Global Women Summit Canada, Outstanding Leadership Award

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