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Do you know that perfection does not exist? However, we must always aim for excellence no matter what we do; whether we are homemakers, teachers, artists, or executives, we need to put all our energy and dedication into producing an excellent piece of work so we can stand out from the rest that settles for mediocrity.

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Five-Inch Heels ~ When Women Step into POWER & SUCCESS


BELYNDA LEE penned her first book, *Five-Inch Heels - When Women Step Into Power and Success," to share how one person can realize their worth and power to alter the course of life and teaches how effective servant leadership can be compassionate and inspiring.  Five-Inch Heels became an Amazon bestseller in North America.  One of Belynda's passions is to empower women; she speaks on different platforms to share her story of adversity and conquers and how the power of Choice-Change-Mind can alter anyone's destiny.   

An unexpected pregnancy, divorce, and single motherhood left Belynda Lee, a young immigrant woman, feeling as if her life had turned from grey to black. Forced to grow up too quickly, she found herself in a situation she didn’t know how to handle. On the verge of giving up, Belynda’s will to live is reignited by three simple words: “I Love You.” In a single moment, she decides to live, never settle, and take control of her life.


Best-Selling Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet from Gold, and Rich Dad Poor Dad

"Powerful, moving, humorous and honest –Five-Inch Heels is a book about determination, resilience, and most importantly, love. Belynda Lee shows how a realization of her own worth and power altered the course of her life." ​ 

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