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Belynda Lee is a dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author, leadership coach, and C-executive. Her key strength lies in her being a people’s representative. 


Besides being a corporate executive, Belynda speaks on multiple platforms on the talks on Adversity in Human Life, the Choices we make can make or break us, and how the Power of the Mind can change our direction in life. Her powerful and contagious personality has garnered global followers and audiences excited to discover where she speaks next.   

She quotes: “The sharing economy is prized in our culture. Just look around us; people value and benefit from a collective effort accessible to anyone. Best-in-class companies earn their respect and success by recognizing and empowering people through knowledge sharing and professional growth.  This is why we embrace a knowledge-sharing culture which will be the key to our success.”  

Most Requested Talks

  •  The Three Powerful Gifts. The Power of Choice, Change & Mind

  • Footsteps in the Snow. A journey of Exploration and Persistence

  • Blank Canvas. Paint Visionary Leadership with Your Eyes 

  • Bullet Proof Vest, Recovery after being Shot Down