My name is Belynda Lee

I am a woman who loves to shoot for the stars when I work. Whether it is at home or at work, I do not like to settle for mediocrity. Now, it's time to inspire others to do the same, show them how they can reach their highest potential, and grab hold of the wildest opportunities.



If there is one-word Belynda Lee would use to describe herself, it is tenacious. And this indelible quality has helped her to get up and show up to face adversity, despite all odds.


From humble beginnings in Canada, Belynda is now the Chief Operating Officer of a Multi-Million Dollar Personal Development Company based in Dubai UAE and has been invited to speak at various Leadership Platforms. In her eventful career spanning two decades, she has built, restored, and expanded businesses with some of the fastest-growing, billion-dollar companies.


She immigrated to Canada after secondary school, her first job was as a clerk at a convenience store. Soon she found herself divorced, with two young children and no regular source of income. Since then, there has been no looking back for Belynda. She dedicated herself to hard work with the determination to fight to the finish.  As she steadily climbed the corporate ladder in her career, she went on to further her education and completed her Master’s in Business Administration.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

She also serves as a mentor and coach for numerous young professionals who are learning the corporate system, thriving to excel in their careers. Her other interests involve restoring unloved homes, and she has left her mark in multiple properties in one of the most aggressive real estate markets.

Belynda penned her first book "Five-Inch Heels - When Women Step Into Power and Success" in 2014 which was autobiographical. The book delves into how one person can realize their worth and power to alter the course of life.  In it, she teaches how effective servant leadership can be compassionate and inspiring. "Five-Inch Heels" went on to become a bestseller in North America.


Influenced by her struggle, Belynda is also passionate about empowering other women. Whenever possible, she speaks on different platforms to share her story of adversity and conquers, and how the Power of Choice-Change-Mind can alter anyone's destiny.

In 2008, Belynda started the Canadian Women in a Business tour to highlight the success of female entrepreneurs. Her ongoing mission is to create personal and professional examples for others to follow while making a global impact amongst females today and in the future.