BELYNDA LEE penned her first book "Five-Inch Heels - When Women Step Into Power and Success", to share how one person can realize their own worth and power to alter the course of life, she teaches how effective servant leadership can be compassionate and inspiring. "Five-Inch Heels" became an Amazon bestseller in North America. One of Belynda's passion is to empower women, whenever possible, she speaks at different platforms to share her story of adversity and conquers, and how the power of Choice-Change-Mind can alter anyone's destiny.



An unexpected pregnancy, divorce, and single motherhood left Belynda Lee, a young immigrant woman, feeling as if her life had turned from grey to black. Forced to grow up too quickly, she found herself in a situation that she didn’t know how to handle. On the verge of giving up, Belynda’s will to live is reignited by three simple words: “I Love You.” In a single moment, she decides to live, never settle, and take control of her life.​

A story of trial, tribulation, and success, Five-Inch Heels will leave you inspired, entertained, and in tears. Whether you are a single parent, mother, wife, young professional, or entrepreneur, you will discover how to tap into the motivation to move forward and unleash your own inner power to conquer hard times.

Powerful, moving, humorous and honest –Five-Inch Heels is a book about determination, resilience, and most importantly, about love. Belynda Lee shows how a realization of her own worth and power altered the course of her life. ​ SHARON LECHTER Best-Selling Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet from Gold, and Rich Dad Poor Dad

Belynda Lee is a powerful woman—and a superb storyteller! Her account of the events in her life and the lessons she took from them will inspire and instruct others to triumph in their own lives. Her strong voice and common sense shine from every page!​​ ​ CAROL KLINE Five times New York Best-Selling Author, Co-Authored Best-Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

We’re often told to follow our hearts, but are unsure how to do so. “Five-Inch Heels” shows us how. Her life is a case study for business professionals on what true leadership means, an inspirational tale for women and immigrants, and an example for everyone on how changing the way we think shapes our reality. MARIE BERTRAND Microbiologist, Skin Scientist, Owner of Skin Clinic

Five-Inch Heels is a book that will leave you feeling ready to face life’s challenges. Belynda Lee draws you in from start to finish. Her optimism rubs off on the reader and her positive energy jumps off every page. KATE MUKER Founder/CEO, Conscious Divas

Five-Inch Heels is engaging, inspiring, and empowering. Belynda Lee leads by example. She is living proof that we can overcome obstacles and, with sheer determination and commitment, we can discover our own road to success. Every woman needs to read this book. SUE DUMAIS Best-Selling Author of Heart Led Living, International Speaker, Intuitive Healer

A wise man once said the people who lose track of their yesterday can have no meaningful tomorrow. The great tragedy of history is that people rarely learn from it.  When we learn from the success and failures of those who have gone before us, we can wisely evaluate the present and plan properly for the future. Much of the aimlessness we see in today's society testifies to the grim realities of what happens when societies begin to crumble because people lose track of what makes them strong.


Five-Inch Heels



  • Servant Leadership

  • How To Keep Your Dreams Alive 

  • How To Be Financially Independent

  • The Power of Positive Thoughts

  • How To Love Yourself

  • The Power of Choice, 

  • The Power of Change

  • The Power of the Mind

  • Enjoy the many short stories and be INSPIRED!

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