People are the asset, not capital

Updated: Jun 27

Arabian Business Feature

Mon 29 Mar 2021 09:20 PM

People are the real asset, not capital

Belynda Lee, chief operating officer at Ascira, talks about writing her bestseller, C-Suite cultural differences between the Far East, West and Middle East, and offers advice to young women aiming to break the glass ceiling of the board room

Belynda Lee, COO of Ascira and bestselling author, says that while there has been progress, more work needs to be done to improve women representation in boardrooms.

You seem to have worn many hats in life as an immigrant, author, mother and public speaker who has lived and worked in the Far East, West and now the Middle East. What aspects of your rich experience are you building on to help develop Ascira to fulfil its true potential? The ability to wear many hats is when you have a choice on the hats you choose to wear. In my case, I survived my life challenges and have earned my stripes in dealing with adversity, which in turn made me who I am toda