Living without limits

Updated: Jun 27

Are you happy with where you are at right now? Do you want to be more, do more or live more? In this my first column, I am going to shed light on the Art of Living Without Limits. Many of us are fearful of failure, so we limit ourselves to believe that we don’t have to try. We feel if we try, we may fail. All my life I have been intrigued by capacity.

My grandfather used to always say, "Challenge your capacity – you can do this! Don’t think of the limits because there are none, it is all in your head."

However, I used to question myself all the time about my own capacity, it kept reverberating in my mind. Whether it is my work, my home, or my community work, I found myself asking, "can I be better, do better and live better?" While my mind was being bombarded by these thoughts, I came across the Capacity Challenge and the fun in understanding what it means.

Capacity Challenge is the mental game of no limits. Many of us hear the word *CAPACITY* and they immediately think *LIMITATION*. They assume their capacity is set – especially if they are beyond a certain age. "I am too old, too weak, too shy, too slow and too..." – those are common thoughts for someone who fear life more than they want to live life.