Guide to Essential Soft Skills

Updated: Jun 27

Bestselling author, motivational speaker and Chief Operating Officer for Ascira, a global personal development company in Dubai, Belynda Lee spent some three decades working in corporate America where she overcame cultural differences and business culture misalignment to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. "These challenges may sound general but put it into a project – it could determine the success or failure of the project," she says.

A leader who loves to learn, share and encourage people to realise their full potential and personal development, Belynda makes it clear that working with different types of people has made her a better person and "working with corporate America pushes me to upgrade my business, interpersonal, team building, sales and marketing and most of all international business development skills".

The bestseller that she penned tells her story of adversity and how she overcame it and offers plenty of tips she picked up along the way. "The purpose of writing the book was to show young women that anyone can overcome adversities in life."