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"It is far too simple to say that Belynda's strengths include: admirable communication skills; a strong affinity for numbers; a tremendous love for people; a disarming smile that immediately puts anyone at ease; the ability to link seemingly abstract concepts and ideas together and articulate them in a manner that is easily understood. But then, Belynda makes it so simple to do. 


I have spent many years as a Wall Street Banker, financial advisor, business consultant, entrepreneur, trainer, and global marketing consultant who has built huge organizations. My wife and I, as well as our many business partners, have had the pleasure of working with Belynda on various marketing and business development projects. She is a no-nonsense person, who is courageous, purposeful, polite, forthright, and, importantly, stands up for what is right!"

Karl Thompson

“Choosing which of Belynda's qualities to highlight is such a challenge, since she got so many. Maybe the best way to settle this is by pointing out her strategic vision and leadership skills, both equally important on her ability to create impactful sales programs, drive results and motivate her team to deliver meticulous operations. Ultimately, her generosity in providing insightful feedback makes her much more than a strong executive, but also an amazing mentor."

Carlos Santiago

"Belynda is a driven individual who knows how to motivate others. She lives with passion and sincerely cares about those around her. She leads those around her to succeed and truly knows how to manage a team. She is top-notch in my book."

Kelly Branan